New Products

1K DTM Primers

High build, industrial grade primers that can be applied to properly prepared bare steel, pretreated aluminum, fiberglass and composite plastics. It has excellent corrosion resistant properties when applied to bare steel and does not require a pre-treatment primer. Click here for more information.

Industrial Epoxy Sealers

Two-component, 100% epoxy, industrial-grade sealer with good film build and exceptional anti-corrosion properties for DTM applications. It has excellent adhesion to properly sanded and cleaned bare metals, including aluminum. These sealers level to an almost texture-free surface with excellent gloss holdout and can be sanded, when needed. Click here for more information.

Rust Preventive Coating

High solids, rust preventive coating designed to stop corrosion. This single component coating protects the surface from water, salt, chemicals and other corrosive contaminants. Rust Preventive Coating dries to a flexible, non-porous surface that will not crack, chip, flake or peel. Click here for more information.

Anti-skid Additive

Composite media specially formulated for use in coatings to provide an anti-skid surface. It leaves a textured surface that is highly abrasion resistant with excellent durability. Click here for more information.

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