Industrial Epoxy Sealer

MFI Systems™ Industrial Epoxy Sealers are a two-component, 100% epoxy, industrial-grade sealer with good film build and exceptional anti-corrosion properties for DTM applications. It has excellent adhesion to properly sanded and cleaned bare metals, including aluminum. MFI-590/590B/590W levels to an almost texture-free surface with excellent gloss holdout. It can be sanded, when needed, and the three colors can be intermixed to achieve various shades of gray. MFI-590/590B/590W is V.O.C. compliant in North America and available in gallons. Use with MFI-592 Epoxy Sealer Activator.

Compatible Substrates

  • Cold rolled Steel*
  • Stainless Steel*
  • Galvanized/Galvaneal*
  • Aluminum*
  • Factory E-coats
  • Properly prepared fiberglass/SMC

*Properly sanded and cleaned


  • 4 Parts: MFI-590/590B/590W Industrial Epoxy Sealer
  • 1 Part: MFI-592 Industrial Epoxy Sealer Activator

Up to 1 Part:MFI-400 Series Zero VOC Reducer to help with flow (Optional)


  • Do not apply at temperatures below 50°F
  • 10–15 minute flash time between coats
  • Apply with a 1.4 mm – 1.6 mm fluid nozzle and tip. Air pressure should be 8 -10 psi HVLP or 40 – 45 psi Conventional
  • Drying time listed may vary, depending upon film build, temperature, humidity and degree of air movement
  • Excess film thickness will retard dry times and affect the recoat window
  • Avoid moisture contamination with the Activator – moisture can gel the material and affect the performance properties

Cure Times

  • Air-dry (assumes 77°F & 50% Relative Humidity) 
  • To Topcoat: 30 – 60 min @ 70°F (21°C)
  • To Recoat: 24 hrs. (After 24 hours, sand with 320 grit)

Technical Data

  • Wet Film Thickness: 2.0 – 2.4 mils per coat
  • Dry Film Thickness: 1.0 – 1.2 mils per coat
  • Pot Life: Up to 8 hours @72°F (22.2°C), 50% RH
  • Adhesion: Pass
  • Salt Spray Resistance – 1000 hrs.: Excellent (top coated)
  • Chemical Resistance: Good
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