About Us

In 2011, MFI Systems was established as an industrial coatings division of Teknol Incorporated. Teknol Incorporated has successfully serviced the automotive refinish industry for over 40 years and has roots in the automotive industry as far back as 1948. The MFI Systems brand was established to apply our diverse coatings knowledge and expertise to the industrial finish industry. Industrial businesses are often forced to use coatings designed for other applications which in many cases leads to production difficulties and inflated costs. MFI Systems has approached the industrial finishes industry the same way we have the automotive industry which allows us to custom design finishes according to your needs. We look forward to working with our customers to design products that solve production, appearance and durability issues while keeping costs within budget.

Benefits of MFI Systems


Our reputation is built upon utilization of the finest quality raw materials and adherence to the strictest quality control processes to ensure our products are consistent and always perform as intended. We are constantly developing new products that offer superior appearance along with protection from corrosion, harmful UV rays and harsh environmental exposure. Every product is designed with the goal of maximizing coverage, durability and color retention as well as minimizing application time.

Product Selection

We offer the entire spectrum of RAL colors, along with a variety of undercoats to meet our customer’s needs.


We are firm in our commitment to bring excellent value to the table. Although our prices may be lower than competitors, it is not at the expense of quality or consistency. Our goal is always to provide the best value.

Customer Service

Our sales representatives and technicians are available to trouble-shoot issues in your coatings process. If you are experiencing a problem, a trained representative will be available to help determine the cause as well as develop a solution. We greatly value every customer, regardless of size, and will continue to service your needs well after the sale. Also, we understand that no two businesses operate the same so when necessary we will custom formulate products to meet your specific needs.

Ease of Use

All of our products are designed with the end user in mind. For example, all MFI industrial topcoats utilize the same reducers and activators. This decreases confusion and means that you stock fewer products.


We greatly value your trust and will diligently work to earn it.

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