Versatile Products MFI Systems offers a wide variety of products with varying levels of durability, dry time, and longevity to fit a variety of applications
Customizable Solutions No two businesses are exactly the same. When necessary, we will custom develop a solution to your application. We will determine your needs either by phone or personal visit to determine how best to meet your need.
Reliable Delivery As soon as we receive your order our team goes to work color matching, assembling and shipping your products to get you what you need, fast!

MFI Systems utilizes its diverse coatings knowledge and expertise to offer a wide range of industrial coatings to service a variety of industrial market segments. MFI Systems works to design quality, high-performance products that meet or exceed customer expectations, while keeping costs within budget.

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New Products

Our team of chemists are constantly researching and developing new and innovative technologies to provide customers with new products that meet new repair challenges.

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Hardhead Protective Coatings

Hardhead is a unique line of industrial protective coatings designed to restore worn or rusted surfaces and protect a variety of substrates from harsh environmental conditions. These quality products are easy to use and provide long-lasting durability to make any surface look new.

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