Anti-skid Additives

Hardhead Protective Coatings Anti-Skid Additive is a composite media specially formulated for use in coatings to provide an anti-skid surface. It leaves a textured surface that is highly abrasion resistant with excellent durability. It is available in Coarse (MFI-8100) and Medium (MFI-8200).


  • In a 2.5 quart mixing cup, mix 1 quart container of MFI-8000 Series Industrial Textured Coating (24 fl. oz. fill) with 8 fl. oz. of MFI-8007 Activator
  • Add up to 8 oz. (by volume) of MFI-8100 or MFI-8200 Anti-Skid Additive and mix thoroughly
  • Pour the mixed product back into the empty quart bottle with lid and shake thoroughly
  • Attach the applicator gun to the quart bottle
  • Add more material to quart bottle as needed


Spray: Using a schutz gun apply a uniform wet coat of texture coating using a sweeping motion. Allow first coat to flash about 2-5 minutes before applying the second (2nd) coat. Second coat should be applied at a higher pressure (80 psi) and a distance further from the panel using a fast sweeping motion. NOTE: Varying the spraying distance and air pressure will vary the texture. Spraying a test panel is recommended. Industrial Texture Coating should only be applied when the temperature is between 60 – 85°F and humidity is less than 70%. DO NOT APPLY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT.

Roll-on: MFI-8000 Series can be applied with a foam roller. A minimum of two applications are required to achieve minimum coverage.

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