Reducers & Additives

Urethane Grade Reducer

Urethane Grade Reducer

Premium quality reducer designed for use in our topcoats and primers. MFI Systems Urethane Grade Reducers are 100% virgin reducer without any recycled solvents. Available in Fast (MFI-365), Medium (MFI-375), Slow (MFI-385) and Extra Slow (MFI-395).

Zero VOC Reducer

Zero V.O.C. Reducer

Premium quality reduced designed for use in our topcoats and primers in areas with strict V.O.C. requirements. These 100% virgin reducers will not increase the V.O.C. of the mixed product. Available in Fast (MFI-465), Medium (MFI-475) and Slow (MFI-485).

Zero VOC Accelerator

Zero V.O.C. Accelerator

This accelerated reducer is designed to increase productivity and thru-put when temperatures are 70°F (21.1°C) and below. MFI-505 decreases cure times and dry-to-sand times as much as 50% with no effect on potlife and sprayability. See TDS for more information by clicking here.

Epoxy Max Accelerator

Epoxy Max Accelerator

This accelerator is specifically designed for use in our Epoxy Max Industrial Epoxy Primer. MFI-577-4 reduces cure times, recoat times and potlife by 50% when used. See TDS for Epoxy Max Industrial Epoxy Primer for more information by clicking here.

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