Protective Textured Coating

Hardhead Protective Textured Coating is a two-component urethane coating with excellent adhesion to bare steel and sanded OEM paint. It is specially formulated to withstand the same extreme conditions as high-solids single-stage paint. MFI-8000 SERIES has excellent UV and chemical resistance. It is easy to use and provides a textured, satin finish that makes any surface look brand new. It is available in Black (MFI-8000), White (MFI-8003) and Tintable (MFI-8005). V.O.C. compliant in North America.

Compatible Substrates

  • OEM Finishes
  • Factory E-Coats
  • Fiberglass/SMC
  • Most Wood Surfaces
  • MFI-550 Series DTM Primers
  • MFI-580 1K DTM Primers
  • MFI-590 Epoxy Sealers

NOTE: All substrates need to be properly cleaned and sanded.


  • 3 Parts: MFI-8000 Series Industrial Texture Coating
  • 1 Part: MFI-8007 Industrial Texture Coating Activator

Note: Mix by volume and stir thoroughly. Make sure product is at room temperature (72°F/22°C) before mixing. Potlife is 60 minutes @72°F, 50% RH.

Spray: Using a schutz gun apply a uniform wet coat of texture coating using a sweeping motion. Allow first coat to flash about 2-5 minutes before applying the second (2nd) coat. Second coat should be applied at a higher pressure (80 psi) and a distance further from the panel using a fast sweeping motion. NOTE: Varying the spraying distance and air pressure will vary the texture. Spraying a test panel is recommended. Industrial Texture Coating should only be applied when the temperature is between 60 – 85°F and humidity is less than 70%. DO NOT APPLY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT.

Roll-on: MFI-8000 Series can be applied with a foam roller. A minimum of two applications are required to achieve minimum coverage.

Cure Times

Air-dry (assumes 77°F & 50% Relative Humidty Bake / Force Cure
To Touch: 2 hrs. Substrate Temp: 120°F (49°C)
To Handle: 4 – 6 hrs. Bake Time: 30 min. Bake Time: 20 min.
To Recoat: After 24 hours, sand with 320 grit
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